Lifting Device & Crane Components Repair / Rebuild

Crane Service & Inspections offers repairs and complete rebuilding services for Below-The-Hook Lifting Devices and Crane Components. Our Team of experienced Engineers and Technicians (Electricians, Millwrights and Certified Welders) offer both in-house and onsite service for:

Below-The-Hook Lifting Devices

  • C-Hooks
  • Coil Grabs
  • Roll Lifters
  • Sheet Lifters
  • Slab Lifters
  • Spreader Beams
  • Tongs
  • Vertical Coil Lifters

Crane Components

  • Brakes
  • End Trucks
  • Gear Boxes
  • Hoists
  • Hook Blocks
  • Power Limits
  • Rope Drums
  • Upper Sheave Nests
  • Wheel Assemblies


  • Detailed Inspection (with measurements and pictures). We check for wear, damage and distortion.
  • Disassembly and Cleaning
  • Pre-NDT Inspection
  • Quote for repairs or rebuild
  • Order to proceed with repairs or rebuild
  • Make necessary repairs
  • Post-NDT Inspection
  • Assembly
  • Operational Test


175 Ton Hook Block Rebuilt By Crane Service & Inspections


Lifting Device Repair
Lifting Device Rebuild
Crane Components Repair
Crane Components Rebuild


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We repair all types and brands of Lifting Devices and Crane Components.